The association was founded as an "academy" in January 2013, as the main goal was the academic training and further education of young and particularly talented musicians in classical music and singing. Due to formal legal problems with the designation "Akademie", which is today mostly classified as a commercial institution, the non-profit association was entered on April 4, 2014 on the advice of the register court and the IHK as a "Musik Forum Sachrang e.V.".


Only non-profit purposes are pursued.
Promoting music through:
Organization / implementation of international master classes for various instruments / singing,
Rehearsing music works by old and new masters, organizing concerts and workshops,
Creation of performance opportunities for young artists,
Provision of musical instruments for eligible young musicians.

Acquisition of membership:

Any natural person with unlimited legal capacity,
Any legal and non-legal relationship,
Every OHG and KG.
Membership fee: € 15.- per year

Organs of the association:

- The board 2022 to 2026
  • 1st chairman, Prof. Hansjörg Schellenberger
    2. Chair, Margit-Anna Süss-Schellenberger
    Treasurer, Georg Graf von Saurma
    1. Secretary, organizer Dieter Höpfner
    2. Secretary, Dr. Sylvia Rauer
    Assessor, Brigitte Woitschach
    Assessor, Cäcilie von Feilitzsch-Rauch,
- Representatives who are not elected but by the 1st chairperson in accordance with § 8 no. 6
to support of the board for certain tasks can be commissioned:
  • Artistic assessor, Johannes Berger,
    Vice Treasurer, Claudia Larasser
    Commissioner for admin. Concert organization, Gabriele Höpfner
    Advertising / Design Officer, Ursula Havel
    Internet representative, Franz Josef Mispagel- The general assembly:

currently 95 members, meet once a year!