Greetings for the year 2023

Dear friends and concert visitors!

After two difficult years for the Musik Forum Sachrang, it was able to get back into activities in 2022 with a little restrained foam, which made it possible to achieve the goal
to continue to support young talented and ambitious musicians on their way into the musical professional world with master classes. This year we are continuing to work on the great tradition, which we were able to develop here as a matter of course and which is carried by wonderful artists from the great world, with drive and enthusiasm for making music
world of music. The first thing to be mentioned is the great soprano Helen Donath, who has apparently fallen in love with Sachrang and will again be holding her singing master class this year with all her temperament and musical intensity. The same applies to our long-standing, loyal friend Johannes Hinterholzer, who will work with young horn players in variable formations and will fill our valley with the sound of alphorns, even from the Wildbichlalm, to the delight of all. The Sachranger couple Margit-Anna Süss and Hansjörg Schellenberger, both professors in Graz (harp) resp. Madrid (oboe) will attract many young international musicians to their master classes according to their merits.
All of these master classes are traditionally rounded off with a final concert at which the young artists can present the repertoire they have worked on to the public during the week. And just like in previous years, we are again organizing 6 concerts - spread over the year and with very different themes. We want to offer young soloists a stage for their performances: we have 2 concerts Brilliance of the Harp and Young Soloists, which are exclusively performed by highly talented and already successful young musicians. A concert is again dedicated to the genius loci, to the Müllner Peter on the occasion of his name day, at which we will play works from his large collection of sheet music and music from his contemporaries. On the 2nd Advent, December 10th, there will be a new variation of the popular Paradise Play and - also as a revived tradition - the concert at the end of the year on December 30th, which this time revolves around the subject of Hansel and Gretel, with excerpts from the Humperding Opera, played by brass with a narrator. Finally, on 11.11. A very special concert: more than 50 years ago there was a group Between, the free one, in Munich led by the Aschau composer Peter Michael Hamel
Music played between the musical worlds on this earth. Recently, after 50 years, a revival of this group took place with a CD production in the Aschauer church and we want to present this in a highly exciting live concert in Sachrang. We are constantly thinking about how we can do even better justice to our self-chosen purpose of supporting young artists in their beginning professional path. And so we can already mention that we increasingly want to promote the whole range of artistic work, i.e. composition, music interpretation, theater and fine arts - with young artists here in a rank. This means a lot of preparation and work and is only possible with a highly motivated team. Thanks are due to this Sachranger team, which has been so tried and tested for years and which is led by Dieter Höpfner and his wife on a voluntary basis for the MUSIK FORUM SACHRANG works. With this in mind, we are looking forward to an exciting year

Hansjörg Schellenberger

Courses and Seminars 2023

Masterclass Harp

margitschellenberger klein
Margit-Anna Süß

Masterclass Horn
hinterholzer klein


Wolfgang Gaag

Masterclass Oboe

hansjoergschellenberger klein

Hansjörg Schellenberger

Masterclass Singing

helendonath klein



Helen Donath