Greetings for the year 2021

Dear Friends and Concert-visitors,

It is not easy to present plans for the traditional events of the MUSIKFORUM SACHRANG for the year that has just started.

If we try anyway, then with the great hope that we will also be able to work and perform. We musicians (and not only we, but all artists) have had a terrible year behind us: Because culture in its entirety was not classified as systemically relevant by high politics (contrary to all empty assurances) in times of the corona pandemic, but as a private luxury for some is considered more privileged, all possible events have been closed without differentiation and canceled without replacement.

This has resulted in extensive economic problems for the artists, who have been (and still are) imposed a work ban. And this although it has been proven in many scientific studies that there is no risk of infection in concert halls or opera houses if the existing hygiene rules are adhered to but even worse: Since cultural life and experience is as important and systemically relevant as breathing fresh air, the people - our listeners - who know and need this, have been turned off, so to speak. What has been destroyed in general cannot be foreseen in its scope, especially socio-psychologically. And live streaming is no substitute for the concert you have experienced! Back to our plans: You can see from the flyer that we want to offer masterclasses as before in the harp, oboe, horn and singing instruments. We are very happy that our wonderful friend Kammersängerin Helen Donath has happily agreed to hold her coveted master class with her husband again with us. Otherwise we have some concerts again that take place on traditional dates. Top-class musicians will be our guests, but there will also be a concert on the name day of Müllner Peter von Sachrang, which will be performed entirely by a young, highly talented chamber music ensemble. If the events do not fall victim to the lockdown regulations again, then we would be very, very happy to welcome you, our esteemed audience, to us again. Your presence and possibly active help is of the utmost importance for our work in the MUSIKFORUM SACHRANG!

Hansjörg Schellenberger

Courses and Seminars 2021

Masterclass Harp

Dozent: Margit-Anna Süß

Masterclass Horn

Dozent: Johannes Hinterholzer

Masterclass Oboe
Maurice Bourgue
Hansjörg Schellenberger

Masterclass Singing


Dozent: Helen Donath